Eudald Carbonell, new member of the International Academy of Prehistory and Protohistory

This international organisation provides greater insight into the scientific understanding of prehistory and protohistory, the period from the origins of humanity to the end of the Iron Age.

Eudald Carbonell
Eudald Carbonell.

Eudald Carbonell Roura, professor of Prehistory at the URV and co-director of the Sierra de Atapuerca sites, has become one of the 38 founding members of the International Academy of Prehistory and Protohistory (IAPP), founded in December 2021 in response to the fact that very few prehistorians and protohistorians are members of national academies.  

The IAPP has three categories of members: emeritus members, full members and corresponding members. The organisation limits the number of members in each category to 40, divided equally between prehistorians and protohistorians, so it has a maximum of 120 members in total. To become a member, Carbonell had to comply with a list of criteria to demonstrate his archaeological research. Members are assessed on the strength of their diplomas, professional rank, involvement in archaeological excavations, scientific output, international reputation and awards.  

The 38 founding members of the IAPP met on 20 December 2022 at the Palais des Académies, in Brussels (Belgium), to participate in the Academy’s Founding Assembly. At this meeting, they agreed that the first assembly of experts will take place in Brussels on 30 May to discuss the theme “Human Evolution and Cultural Change”.  

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