Mar Gutiérrez-Colón has been appointed editor of The Eurocall Review

The researcher has also joined the International Evaluation Committee of WordCall, the international association of teachers and researchers in the field of computer-assisted language learning

The researcher from the Department of English and German Studies, Mar Gutiérrez-Colón, has been appointed editor of the journal The Eurocall Review. The publication belongs to the European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EuroCALL), is open access and is published twice a year. The aim of the journal is to provide an international forum regarding the development and practice of learning languages with the aid of technology (teaching and learning of second languages or foreign languages in technological settings). The journal is indexed in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS) and in CARHUS +.

The Eurocall Review publishes quantitative and qualitative studies using meta-analyses, surveys and assignments that seek to open up theoretical, epistemological or methodological debates. Her appointment means that Mar Gutiérrez-Colón will now manage the Open Journal System (OJS) where the journal is stored, assign reviewers to articles that are submitted, supervise the editorial process to ensure the quality of the peer reviews and the publications, among others. The editor-in-chief of the journal is Ana Gimeno, professor of English at the Department of Applied Linguistics of the Technical University of Valencia.

Mar Gutiérrez-Colón has also joined the International Evaluation Committee of WorldCall, a global organisation that serves a forum in the ambit of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for researchers, foreign language teachers and technology companies. WorldCALL members belong to associations working in the field of CALL around the world.

The founding associations of WorldCALL are EuroCALL (European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning), CALICO (The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium) and IALLT (International Association for Language Learning Technology). In addition to the three founding members, the current members of WorldCALL are the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (Cercles), the Korean Association of Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning (KAMALL) and the Japanese Association for Language Education and Technology (LET).

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