Online teaching will continue throughout November, although internships and examinations will be exempt

The Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI) is only open for loans and the URV’s sporting activities have been postponed

In the frame of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia, the Catalan Government and the 12 Catalan universities have agreed that throughout November all teaching will be continue to be online, with only internships and examinations being exempt. This decision extends the measure that initially came into force for two weeks on 15 October.

The resolution issued by the rector on 30 October announces the extension of the measure and the modifications introduced since the first resolution, namely that the campus libraries will only be open for loans, that all URV sports installations will close and that all sporting competitions and activities organized by the URV will be postponed.

The Interuniversity Council of Catalonia has agreed to adopt common measures in response to Public Health’s request to keep face-to-face activity to a minimum whilst respecting university autonomy. The measure is being adopted for a period of 30 days to promote university governance and the stability of teaching activity.

Furthermore, the rectors of the Catalan universities have made themselves available to the competent authorities regarding the adoption of other measures to contain the pandemic as and when they are approved by the PROCICAT.

Once again, the rector has highlighted and praised the university community’s  commitment to following and complying with the safety measures adopted. In this regard, she reiterated that universities are safe places and that the aim of reducing face-to-face teaching is to reduce student mobility and interactions. With this new agreement, the Catalan university system also demonstrates its commitment to Catalan society in the difficult circumstances generated by the pandemic.

More information about how the pandemic is affecting the URV can be found at www.urv.cat/coronavirus.

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