Registration fees for official master’s degrees are reduced by 40% to match the cost of bachelor’s degrees

The URV is offering new grants for students applying for full-time master's degrees until 29 July

Students who are going to register for an official master’s degree for the 2021-22 academic year will pay 40% less than in previous years thanks to the reduction in public university prices approved by the Catalan government. The price per credit for students registering for the first time is now €27.67 euros, which is a reduction of €18.44 euros in the price per credit for most non-professional official master’s degrees. These prices are applicable to students from European Union countries, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Andorra or who are permanent residents in Spain.

In addition to this reduction, the URV offers grants for new students who wish to study full-time for a master’s degree. This is the URV Master’s Grants, which exempts beneficiaries from paying registration fees up to a maximum of 60 credits. The grant can also be renewed for the first registration credits completed in the second year of a 90 or 120 credit master’s degree, depending on budget availability. Applications for these scholarships can be made until 29 July on the grants website. In addition to the URV Master’s Grants, there are other scholarships and grants, such as the Generalitat’s Equality Grants or the general grants offered by the Ministry of Education to second-cycle students and which can be found on the website.

Pre-registration open until 15 July

Those who are considering taking a master’s degree at the URV still have time to do so, as pre-registration is open until 15 July. It should be noted that at the moment almost 10% more students have pre-registered than in the same period last year. If there are still vacancies on any master’s courses when the pre-registration period ends on 15 July, the registration period will be extended and priority will be given to students on the waiting list from previous phases. Students can pre-register on the Admissions and Registration website.

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