The URV launches the series “Science in 1 minute” to explain scientific concepts quickly and understandably

In 2016 the Universitat Rovira i Virgili’s Unit of Scientific Communication developed a new educational and communication tool: a series of 12 videos which, with the support of animated illustrations and in little more than 60 seconds, give explanations for common scientific doubts. Researchers from the University have advised on the content of these short audiovisuals, which have been posted on YouTube and are useful for explaining science to students

What are lichens? How does ibuprofen work? How are new words created? These are some of the issues discussed in the series Science in 1 minute, short videos that can be seen on YouTube and which have been produced by the URV’s Unit of Scientific Communication, with the collaboration of the university’s researchers.

Com actua l'ibuprofèn

With the support of clear, modern graphic animation, and a focus on scientific rigour, each chapter provides a simple explanation for a scientific concept that is studied by one of the University’s research groups. The aim of the project is to make science – in all its forms – more accessible and understandable to all sorts of people.

The videos are available to anybody who wishes to see them, and they have been designed as a teaching tool that can be used to explain scientific concepts not only to primary- and secondary-school pupils but also to university students and the general public.

Com es converteix un teixit en un sensor

In 2016, 12 videos were produced to explain the following topics: How does ibuprofen work?; Prebiotics and probiotics; How is commercial bank money created?; How is biodiesel made?; How do sulphites act?; What are lichens?; Cholesterol and arteriosclerosis; How are sculptures polychromed?; How are new words created?; How does an electronic nose work?; How does gluten act?; and How do you convert a fabric into a sensor?

The videos, which have also been translated into Spanish and English, were produced with the support of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), and the idea is to produce more during the year 2017.

The episodes of Science in 1 minute can also be used to supplement the scientific video blog “Pregunta a la Plaça” which aims to explain common doubts that can be explained by research that is being carried out at the URV. The series of 12 light-hearted chapters is presented by the journalist Anna Plaza.


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