The URV will adapt bachelor’s and master’s degrees so that they can be assessed online

Classes will finish in accordance with the academic calendar but the assessment period will be extended until 16 July for students who are not undergoing continuous assessment and for subjects that cannot be assessed online

In an extraordinary session, the Governing Council of the URV has approved a temporary modification of the regulations and academic calendar due to the high likelihood that the lockdown will continue for a lengthy period. In the light of this situation, the modification allows teaching to be completed online.

Specifically, URV staff teaching bachelor’s and master’s degrees will adapt their assessment activities so that they can be carried out online, except for cases where this is not possible. In these cases, the academic calendar will be extended until 16 July in the hope that the situation will allow a period for face-to-face assessments between mid-June and mid-July.

The changes to the evaluation period also take into account the needs of students who cannot continue online evaluation by ensuring that they have the right to a single examination in both the first and second exam sessions. The first exam session will finish by 16 July at the latest and the second will finish by 7 September.

Although the modification to the calendar allows for the possibility of assessments in June and July, classes for each subject will finish on the dates established in the calendar at the beginning of the academic year. This is because the relaxing of the calendar is intended to give greater flexibility and allow academic staff to adapt according to the specific needs of their courses.

Regarding curricular internships, while the current exceptional situation continues and if the host organisation can do so, internships will be carried out online or via teleworking systems. However, if the suspension of internships is lifted before the first and second exam sessions, the faculties and schools of the URV will have to study the feasibility of completing them in the usual manner.

For the courses offered by the Lifelong Learning Centre of the URV Foundation, the Governing Council has approved modifications to the completion dates and the assessment periods to guarantee the quality of teaching and to enable students to obtain their qualifications.