The URV’s master’s courses move towards greater flexibility and online learning

Half of the URV’s 55 university masters offered in 2020-21 will be taught online or combination of online and classroom-based learning (blended) or will allow students to decide if they want to study in the classroom or online. Pre-registration is now open on the University’s website

Pre-registration for the master’s degrees offered by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili is now open at urv.cat/master. A total of 55 master’s courses are on offer for the 2020-21 academic year, including three new courses: the Master’s Degree in Medical Anthropology and Global Health, which once again is offered in collaboration with the CSIC and will be blended; the Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Education in Rural Territories, coordinated by the UB, and the Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication, which will change from being classroom based to blended learning.

Anyone who has finished their bachelor’s degree can pre-register for a master’s degree, as can students in the final year of their bachelor’s degree, although they will only be able to complete the registration process on successful completion of their bachelor’s course.

Increasingly online and part-time

The URV’s master’s degrees are increasingly available online; 27 courses, half of those available, are now offered online, such as the Master’s Degree in Environmental Law and the Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, which were among the first online master’s degrees at the URV.

The URV is also offering more and more blended-learning master’s courses or master’s degrees where the student can choose between classroom–based or online learning, such as the Master’s Degree in Research into Nursing Sciences  and the Master’s Degree in Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, among others.

The next academic year will also offer the Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication, which will be classroom-based from January to April only, and the Master’s Degrees in Social and Educational Intervention and in Classical Archaeology, which have increased their online content.

This move towards online learning is intended to help students combine their studies with the competing demands of work and family commitments, as are the increased opportunities to study a master’s degree part-time. To do so, students must register for a minimum of 18 ECTS credits taught face-to-face and 12 ECTS credits.

Commitment to internationalization

The URV’s master’s course offer is also highly internationalized given that 30% of its students come from abroad. Twelve of the master’s degrees are taught entirely in English and others are taught partly in English, for example the Master’s Degree in Tourism Destination Management, whose compulsory subjects are all taught in English, as is one of the two specialities, Administration and Governance of Destinations. However, internationalization also means courses are offered 100% in Spanish because an important number of students come from Latin American countries.

The URV’s full offer of master’s and postgraduate courses can be found at urv.cat/master, where there is also information regarding the pre-registration and registration processes and the grants available to students. Any queries may be addressed to the Student Office by email (postgrau@urv.cat), by telephone (977 77 99 44) or by videoconference.

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