The URV establishes a new internationalisation programme, URV I-Global

URV I-Global adapts the URV to the new mobility forms that have emerged in the new context of international education

The internationalisation of universities has created new mobility demands that are not covered by the current mobility framework, for example mobility stays that are undertaken outside institutional exchange programmes and framework agreements.

To address these demands, the URV’s Governing Council has created and approved a new set of mobility regulations (February 2016) to enable two new types of individual, namely I-Global Students and I-Global Visitors, to benefit from mobility at the URV.

The I-Global Students regulations cover academic stays (from 3 months to 1 year) in which students pay a price per credit that has been specifically established for the programme. I-Global Students brings together two former URV programmes: Freemovers and semester Study Abroad. This programme will be managed by the International Center.

I-Global Visitors is a sub-programme managed by the departments which will allow the regulation of non-academic university staff stays and help in the provision of services such as the university card.

This programme is scheduled to come into effect in the 2016-17 academic year.

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