With the exception of practicals, classes currently taught face-to-face will move online from 15 October to 30 October

The new measure agreed by the Catalan universities will not affect research activity

Classe a l'aulari del campus Catalunya.

From 15 October, theoretical classes that were being taught in face-to-face will move online until 30 October, in accordance with the resolution issued by the rector of the URV, María José Figueras, on Tuesday 13 October. Laboratory and practical groups, that are taking place on the URV’s campuses, internships and research activity will not be affected by the resolution.

The assessment activities that are planned for the coming days will also have to be carried out online, although if this is not possible, they may be done on campus but in reduced groups, similar to the research groups and practical groups.

The teaching staff in charge of each subject will inform students about the changes to teaching practices required by the rector’s resolution.

The online working requirements of the administrative and services staff will adapt to online teaching activity.

This new resolution is in response to the agreement reached by the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia and the 12 Catalan universities, with the participation of representatives from the Department of Health, to reduce face-to-face teaching activity on university campuses in order to reduce movement among the university community and thus help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in Catalonia.

The new resolution and further information about the impact of the pandemic on the activity of the University can be found on the web www.urv.cat/coronavirus.

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