A delegation of thirteen US universities visits the URV

On 16 December, the Universitat Rovira i Virgili once again hosted a visit from American universities participating in the annual activity organised by Eduespaña. In 2011 the URV was also visited by representatives from American universities through Eduespaña

A group of thirteen representatives from American universities along with the representative of Eduespaña, Chelo Medina, and the representative of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Miami, Carmen Barnuevo, travelled to the URV and the city of Tarragona to learn about them first hand and to meet with members of the International Center, the URV Foundation, the Faculty of Chemistry, the School of Chemical Engineering, the School of Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Business. The group also visited the Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution. The objective of the visit is to foster collaboration between American universities and the URV at all levels.

Previously, on 12 December, the URV’s Centre for Hispanic Studies participated in a series of meetings organised in Madrid by Eduespaña in collaboration with ICEX and the support of US Study Abroad. Each year, after these meetings, Eduespaña organises visits to universities around Spain, and this year the chosen universities were Barcelona and the URV, on 16 December.

The US Study Abroad programme is an initiative by the United States Government’s Department of Education that aims to increase tenfold the number of American students who study in a foreign country in the coming years.

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