The first URV Festival: a great success

Figa Flawas, JazzWoman and DJ Ceba top the bill at the Festival attended by hundreds of people

Estudiants als concerts de final de festa de la primera edició de la Festa Major de la URV.
Students at the end of the concerts of the first edition of the URV Festival.

The URV Festival came to an end last Thursday, 23 March, after all the activities had enjoyed huge success. The event was held in the gardens of the Camp de Mart in Tarragona, where a dozen activities were organised for the university community. Hundreds of people enjoyed an open mic show, an electronic aperitif and paella. The festival began with the arrival of students and staff from all the University campuses on Concòrdia Square, where they were entertained by a charanga, and it culminated with the performances of Figa Flawas, JazzWoman and DJ Ceba at night.

From Tarragona, Tortosa, Vila-Seca, Reus, El Vendrell and Vilafranca, members of the URV community converged on the Catalunya Campus (Tarragona) in the middle of the morning, from where they paraded up to the gardens of the Camp de Mart accompanied by the music of Pujats de To. The festival had begun, and the students showed their involvement by wearing T-shirts that proclaimed the degree programme they were studying. The Pataquers, the University’s human-tower building team, joined in the fun by constructing a pillar and, immediately, DJ Trapella’s music got the electronic aperitif under way.24

La festa va començar amb la Xaranga Pujats de To, que van conduir els participants des del campus Catalunya fins al Camp de Mart.
The party began with the Xaranga Pujats de To, which led the participants from the Catalunya Campus to the Camp de Mart.

The former students and influencers Aida Roca (La Filòloga de Guardia) and Albert Pagà (Berti) were entrusted with introducing the festival, which was led by three presenters – Mohamed Boulaich, Meritxell García and Toni Pérez-Portabella – representing the students, the administrative staff, and the teaching and research staff, respectively. La Filòloga de Guàrdia and Berti looked back on their years at the URV, and were rewarded with the applause of students from all disciplines when they mentioned each of the degree programmes. They also spoke out in favour of the dialectal varieties of Catalan and reminded the audience that they all came together in the URV.

Berti i la Filòloga de guàrdia, pregoners de la festa.
Berti and la Filòloga de guàrdia, the first act.

They both agreed: “We have to make this festival our own.” Likewise, Pau Ricomà, the mayor of Tarragona, and Josep Pallarès, rector of the URV, encouraged everyone to “let their hair down” and enjoy the party, which hoped to bring the whole university community together.

Pau Ricomà, alcalde de Tarragona, Josep Pallarès, rector de la URV, a l'escenari principal amb els presentadors.
Pau Ricomà, mayor of Tarragona, and Josep Pallarès, rector of the URV, were on the main stage with the presenters.

Some days before the festival, it was quite clear that the students, the administration and services staff, and the teaching and research staff were in the mood for getting together and celebrating, because the thousand tickets that were put on sale for the big open-air lunch of paella and the special Festival glass soon sold out.

Es van servir un miler de racions de paella.
A thousand plates of paella were served.

After lunch, it was time for the fair and games. Student associations, Tarragona Jove, the Tarragona Chess Club and university services such as the International Center and URV Languages were given the chance to make themselves known to the community. The Language Service had a Paraulògic contest, and the International Center and the European Aurora University Alliance, of which the URV is part, organised a paper-plane competition. Throughout the day, the lilac point (a support and information point for women) was active. At the same time, the Alma Mater student group played bingo.

Fira de jocs i associacions.
Fair for games and associations

In the afternoon, students with a more artistic bent showed their musical, dance and theatrical skills at the Open Mic contest. The jury and a popular vote awarded the first, second and third place to Perla Seguro, a student of Advertising and Public Relations, Saray Queralt, a student of Catalan Philology, and Jenny Stephanie Castillo, a student on the Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication. They all won a hamper of URV merchandise products.

Laia Martí López, estudiant de l'ETSA, va ser una de les participants al Micro Obert.
Laia Martí López, a student at ETSA, was one of the participants in the Open Mic.

As the festival neared its end, the duo Figa Flawas, from Valls, took the stage. They were warmly received by the audience with songs such as “Xuculatina” and “Que no s’acabi”, and a combination of styles ranging from pop to urban and Latin-American genres.

Actuació de Figa Flawas, caps de cartell de la Festa Major de la URV.
Performance by Figa Flawas, one of the headliners at the URV Festival.

Next on after the Figa Flawas was the Valencian singer JazzWoman, whose hip-hop style raised spirits even more, until former student Joel Reche, DJ Ceba, took the stage to bring to an end a festival that will go down in history.

JazzWoman, a l'actuació de l'escenari principal de la festa.
JazzWoman, in her performance on the URV Festival’s main stage.

The URV Festival was jointly organised by the Tarragona City Council, the Anima’t Cultural Association and the student group Alma Mater, with the support of Estrella Damm. Anyone wishing to contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement for the next edition can do so at the email of the Festival Committee.

Centenars de persones van aplegar-se al Camp de Mart des del matí fins a la nit.

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