The URV strengthens its collaboration with Ritsumeikan University

Two colleagues from this Japanese university have visited the URV during the two first weeks of May as part of the INU Network’s Staff Shadowing program

Ms Takemura and Ms Okamoto during their meeting at the International Center
Ms Takemura and Ms Okamoto during their meeting at the International Center.

As part of the activities offered to its members, the International Network of Universities organises the Staff Shadowing program, which enables members of the administrative staff to visit other universities that are members of this network. In this instance, from 3 to 12 May, the URV received a visit from two representatives of the Ritsumeikan University, which has campuses in Kyoto, Osaka and Shiga.

Eriko Okamoto works at the Division of Research of the RU. She is in charge of liaison for government-industry-academia collaboration, regional partnerships, the promotion of research projects and support for researchers, organizational operations, publication of research findings, operations and support for events. The purpose of her visit to the URV was to learn how the institution manages its research activity and the promotion on entrepreneurship.

Maiko Takemura is a member of the administrative staff at the College of Letters of the RU. She is in charge of study support, course planning for first year students and faculty affairs, and takes part in the Campus Asia Program, which is a higher education programme jointly operated by three universities in Japan, China and Korea. She wanted to visit the URV to gain international experience and to learn about the higher education system in Spain, the Erasmus+ programme, the Wintour programme and the strategy for creating new programmes.

The visit included meetings with the URV Foundation, the URV Chair for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, the Faculty of Oenology, the Student Advisory Office (OOU), the Rector’s Technical Office, the Faculty of Letters, the Center for Hispanic Studies and the International Center.

The two visitors also attended the International Staff Week organised by the URV’s I-Center during the week of 8-12 May.

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